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NIDUS University is the one-stop shop for answers to “How To” questions! NIDUS University makes it easier to identify pertinent NIDUS resources relevant to common types of research queries/projects, by organizing our resources into frequently asked questions. All NIDUS University resources and materials were developed by delirium research experts.

More Information on NIDUS Resources

Our website contains extensive resources across the four NIDUS Cores: Delirium Research Core, Measurement and Harmonization Core, Pilot and Exploration Core, and Career Development and Outreach Core. These resources have been made specifically for delirium researchers, no matter the type of research being planned or the clinical setting where it is being conducted.

Feel free to peruse our NIDUS Resource Glossary for descriptions of the types of resources NIDUS offers.

Additional Delirium Resources

We've compiled a list of additional resources related to delirium research, treatment, and care. To suggest additional delirium-related resources that may be helpful, please submit these via our contact pageA variety of health and research organizations prepared the information on the following sites. As such, the information contained therein does not necessarily reflect the views of NIDUS.