Career Development and Outreach

NIDUS is committed to providing mentorship and career development opportunities for trainees, junior faculty, or mid-career researchers new to the delirium field. These opportunities include a virtual mentorship program, an annual delirium “Boot Camp” (see below), quarterly mentoring, and other lectures and training opportunities throughout the year.

NIDUS Delirium Boot Camp

9th Annual NIDUS Delirium Bootcamp:

The Inter-Relationship between Delirium and ADRD

Rizzo Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Sunday November 7 to Tuesday November 9, 2021

* Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Organizing Committee will reevaluate the safety of holding a live Nov 7-9, 2021 meeting in early September 2021 and will switch to a fully virtual meeting as needed 

About the Boot Camp

The Delirium Boot Camp was founded in 2013 through a career development award to Dr. Sharon K. Inouye to establish the Center for Excellence for Delirium in Aging: Research, Training and Educational Enhancement (CEDARTREE).  From 2016 to 2020, the Delirium Boot Camp was funded by an NIA Network Grant (R24AG054259, PI Inouye), under leadership of Donna M. Fick, PhD, MSN, and E. Wes Ely, MD, MPH. The 2021-2025 Delirium Bootcamps are funded by the NIA (R13185760) and being run under the leadership of Jan-Busby-Whitehead, MD, MPH and John W. Devlin, PharmD.

Now in its 9th year, the Delirium Boot Camp is open to researchers from a variety of backgrounds, professions and research areas; however, the application process is selective due to the limited number of spots available each year. There are now over 100 alumni of the Delirium Boot Camp program, which has expanded to include international participants from Canada, Australia, the European Union and South America.


The over-arching goal of the Boot Camp is to develop a multidisciplinary pipeline of well-trained translational, epidemiologic and clinical delirium researchers. The Boot Camp offers a mock grant review, in-depth training on use of the CAM, a number of breakout sessions, and multiple didactic sessions covering a wide range of topics relevant to clinical and translational delirium research.

Organizing Committee

The NIDUS Boot Camp is planned by an Organizing Committee co-chaired by Jan Busby-Whitehead, MD and John Devlin, PharmD.  A full list of Organizing Committee members is listed here.

2021 Boot Camp Program

The program for the 9th Annual NIDUS Delirium Boot Camp can be found here. While the Inter-Relationship between Delirium and Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) is the theme for the 2021 Boot Camp, there will be a wide range of interdisciplinary programming and investigators not focused on ADRD-related outcomes are encouraged to apply.

Please take a moment to determine if you are eligible to attend the Delirium Boot Camp. This Boot Camp is intended for persons with previous research training and experience who plan to continue research in delirium. Faculty and research fellows who meet the following criteria are eligible to attend:

  • Previous training in the fundamentals of clinical research
  • At least 1-2 years of previous research experience
  • Hold an MD, PhD, or other doctoral level degree (may consider strong advanced predoctoral candidates in this area)
  • Interest and passion for delirium research
  • Must have 50% protected time for research
  • Once accepted, willingness to devote 8-10 hours of advance preparation time for the Boot Camp (beyond preparing the application and proposal)

Application Procedure

Applications for the 2021 Boot Camp are closed. Applications for our fall 2022 Boot Camp (date TBD) will open in early 2022.  For reference, the current Boot Camp application can be found here.

Please refer all questions about the 2021 Boot Camp to Kristen Ruck at

Helpful links for application proposal development:

Learn from a prior Bootcamp Attendee and current Bootcamp Faculty about the value of attending the Bootcamp and how to apply for the 2021 Bootcamp

Resources from Prior Boot Camps

2017 Delirium Boot Camp Slides and Audio

2018 Delirium Boot Camp Videos

2019 Delirium Boot Camp Videos

Mentoring Webinars

We host interactive mentoring webinars quarterly

Future webinars:

September 2021 (date TBD):   Grant Review

December 2021 (date TBD):   Mentored Career Awards

March 2022 (date TBD):   Topic TBD

June 2022 (date TBD):   Topic TBD

Past webinars

Using NIDUS Resources for Career Development and Collaboration Webinar Series (2021)

“Building Connections and Collaborations using the NIDUS Delirium Research Hub and Communication Site”– recorded webinar by Sarinnapha Vasunilashorn, PhD, posted with permission

“Using NIDUS Research HUB for developing systematic reviews and meta analyses” – recorded webinar by Esther Oh, MD, PhD, posted with permission

“Use of the NIDUS Resources to Advance Research: A Real World Example” – recorded webinar by Karin Neufeld, MD, MPH, posted with permission


Disseminating Delirium Research Webinar Series (2020)

“Pearls from a Journal Editor” – recorded webinar by Dr. Donna Fick, posted with permission, webinar slides posted here

“How to Get Writing Done” – recorded webinar by Dr. Sharon Inouye, posted with permission, webinar slides posted here

“Tips on Poster/Slide Design” – recorded webinar by Eva Zeisky, posted with permission, webinar slides posted here


Recorded Webinars