Mentorship and Career Development

NIDUS is committed to providing mentorship and career development opportunities for trainees, junior faculty, or researchers new to the delirium field. These opportunities include a virtual mentorship program, an annual delirium “Boot Camp” (see below) and other  lectures and training opportunities throughout the year.

CEDARTREE/NIDUS Boot Camp: The Center of Excellence in Delirium in Aging: Research, Training and Educational Enhancement (CEDARTREE) was formed in 2013 through a K07 grant from the NIH with the goal of advancing research and training in delirium. Each year, CEDARTREE offered an intensive, 2.5 day-long workshop encompassing all aspects of delirium research, from study design and methodology to updates on current research in the field to a practice grant review session. Now, this will be merged with NIDUS as the CEDARTREE/NIDUS Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is open to researchers from a variety of backgrounds and research areas; however, the application process is selective due to the limited number of spots available each year.  So far 56 candidates have attended the Boot Camp.  The next Boot Camp is planned for Nov. 1-3, 2017 in Boston, MA.  View the Delirium Boot Camp 2017 page for more information.

Cartoon outline of human head with gray silhouette of brain inside.

Virtual Mentoring Opportunities: Through the virtual mentoring program, postdocs and junior faculty can be paired with experienced researchers for a 1-on-1 mentoring experience conducted virtually through our online platform. This platform will provide an opportunity for trainees and junior researchers to benefit from the experience of successful faculty, to learn tips for successful publishing, grant writing and running studies. If you are interested in participating either as a mentee or mentor, please email Donna Fick, for more information.

Lectures and other training opportunities
: In addition to the Boot Camp and mentoring programs, we are pleased to offer additional training opportunities throughout the year. You can find information about these resources on our website and by subscribing to our email list.