Measurement and Harmonization Core

outline of measuring scalesThe aims of the NIDUS Measurement and Harmonization Core are to develop a repository of core measures for delirium screening, diagnosis and severity, and to harmonize data across all types of delirium studies. These efforts will enhance the quality and consistency of delirium measurement and enable investigators to compare and share data across studies, which allows for accelerated advances in delirium research.

For its harmonization aim, NIDUS will initially focus on harmonizing delirium severity measures. This project includes a systematic review of existing delirium severity measures as well as statistical techniques for data harmonization across measures. The harmonization method will include a modified-Delphi consensus process. If you are interested in learning more about this effort, please contact us for more information on how you can be involved.

Learn more about the Measurement Core from Dr. Rich Jones:  
Delirium Measurement Resources:

Delirium Measurement Info Cards: 1-page informational cards summarizing key information and test characteristics for commonly used delirium screening, diagnostic and severity assessments.

Delirium Severity Measure Crosswalk Tool
A score conversion tool for 3 delirium severity instruments - the CAM-S, DRS-R-98, and MDAS.

Delirium Identification Measures Crosswalk Tool
Linking between the CAM (short and long form), DOSS, DRS-R-98 (severity and total scores), and MDAS instruments.

Delirium Item Bank and Harmonization Tool
Statistical harmonization code (Stata version 16.1) to create the crosswalks and the Delirium Item Bank.

Delirium Severity Measurement Systematic Review Overview
A brief overview of Jones et al. (2019) systematic review of delirium severity instruments and additional resources for delirium severity measurement. (PDF)

Delirium Severity Measure Summary Table
Summary information on 14 delirium severity measures such as number of items, approximate time to administer, certification or training required, and notes on background for development of the scale.

Delirium Severity Measure Symptom Coverage Table
Compares 17 commonly-used delirium severity measures by symptoms included in each measure.

In addition to these resources, the Measurement and Harmonization Core has several additional projects and publications in process, which will be made available on this site.