Dissemination & Communication

The Dissemination Task Force oversees NIDUS Communications and Conferences. This team is committed to spreading awareness of events, news and accomplishments in the delirium field. Specifically, the team does this via traditional media, social media, blogging and scientific symposia.


NIDUS Communications offers regular updates on delirium-related news, events and research through the following channels:

Interested in contributing to our blog or social media efforts? Please contact NIDUS Communications at nidus@hsl.harvard.edu for more information. Become a NIDUS Social Media Black Belt!


Read about NIDUS and our goals:
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Scientific Symposium

Through collaboration with the American Delirium Society, NIDUS has hosted its annual scientific symposium as part of the Annual ADS Meeting yearly since 2017. In addition to leading two sessions, NIDUS faculty also participate in the larger meeting as presenters, workshop leaders, and poster reviewers.

NIDUS Plenary Session
A NIDUS plenary session at the ADS NIDUS Scientific Symposium included an introduction to NIDUS projects. Also, it contained updates from the leaders of each core and task force and a panel Q&A discussion.

NIDUS Oral Presentation Session
In the afternoon following the plenary session, NIDUS hosted a scientific session. Featured were oral presentations from NIDUS affiliated researchers. Presenters in this session included alumni of the Delirium Boot Camp. Not only did the researchers present, but the session also gave them an opportunity to spotlight their research while developing connections with other delirium researchers.