Adult Delirium Measurement Info Cards

There is considerable variability in delirium measurement tools, with a wide variety of instruments for screening, diagnosis and severity available for clinical and research use. As a result, it can be difficult for researchers and clinicians to choose a tool that is most appropriate for their purpose. To assist with this issue, we created “info cards” that provide a standardized summary of commonly used measurement tools for delirium in adults that were identified through a systematic review and an online survey that we conducted in 2017. The instruments below include assessments for delirium identification as well as delirium severity.

Adult Delirium Measurement Tool Info Cards (PDFs)

Brief Delirium Screening Tool Info Cards (PDFs)

The instruments listed below are brief delirium screening tools often used as part of a two-step or “rule out” screening process.

About the info cards

These cards are populated with information from each instrument’s original validation study. Thus, there may be additional test performance characteristics or other information about each instrument that are not included in these cards. Where feasible, we have added selected references to additional review articles that include these instruments.


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The info cards were created by the NIDUS Measurement and Harmonization Core (Leaders Richard N. Jones, ScD and Dale M. Needham, MD, PhD), funded by NIA R24AG054259, and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Under this license, you are free to share or adapt these cards for non-commercial purposes with proper attribution. Any adaptations must be shared using the same license.

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Use of each instrument may be subject to individual copyright, licensing or attribution requirements as specified by the documentation for each individual instruments.