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The NIDUS Delirium Research Hub

Contributed by Edward R. Marcantonio, MD, SM, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Director, NIDUS Delirium Research Hub (Research Resources Core)

Are you a junior investigator just starting a career in delirium research?  An experienced investigator getting into a new area of research, like biomarkers or neuroimaging? Are you interested in publicizing your work, or learning about that of others?

If any of these sound like you (or even if not), the NIDUS Delirium Research Hub can help!

The goal of the Hub is to connect interested delirium investigators and clinicians, foster new collaborations and sharing of ideas, data, and specimens, and accelerate advances in the field of delirium research.

The Hub, part of the NIDUS website, contains information describing nearly 200 ongoing and recently completed delirium research studies.

Whether you’re searching to find out what’s been done in a field of delirium research, planning a new project and looking for collaborators, or hoping to access biospecimens or neuroimaging data, the Hub is your place. It contains key information about each study, such as the study design and setting, how many participants were enrolled (or are planned), what types of delirium measures were used, and how long the participants were followed. It has specialized information about biospecimens, imaging, and neurophysiological studies. Perhaps most importantly, the Hub can tell you which investigators are interested in sharing their data and/or specimens, and whom to contact for more information.

If you are currently doing or recently completed a delirium research study, use the Hub Study Submission Portal to enter information about your study so that others can find it. If you are searching for research projects and collaborations, use the Hub Resource Finder for information about other studies in the field. After you complete your search and refine your list of relevant studies, you can send the information to an Excel spreadsheet, and print out a nice structured abstract about each study of interest to you.

Submitting to the NIDUS Delirium Research Hub takes 20 minutes or less!

The Hub Submission Portal and Resource Finder are very user friendly, and use the same search logic as Google. In the unlikely event that you have a problem, the very friendly NIDUS Hub support team is ready and willing to help. Just send us an email, and we’ll either write back with suggestions, or if needed, give you a call.

As an example of how the NIDUS Hub can be of help (familiar to those of you who attended the American Delirium Society Annual Meeting in June), Matt Duprey is a graduate student at Northeastern University who is starting a new study examining the effect of anticholingergic medications on delirium severity. He plans to use 3 severity measures in his study, the 3D-CAM-S, CAM-ICU-7, and DRS-98, and wants to learn more about how to use them. He searches the Hub, and finds 38 studies that have used one or more of these measures. He prints out a list of study contacts, selectively contacts them, and gets helpful advice about using these measures in his study. He even gets a “plug and play” RedCAP database and item-by-item guide for each of these instruments from helpful researchers. This saves him a whole lot of work!

After Matt launches his study, we ask that he does one more thing—enter it into the Hub via the Study Submission Portal! By doing so, investigators with similar interests might contact Matt and discuss future collaborative opportunities, like a meta-analysis or multicenter trial. Entering his study into the Hub will also enable Matt to help the next generation of delirium researchers in the same way he was helped when starting his project.

So, I hope I’ve convinced you to take a look at the Delirium Research Hub on the NIDUS website. We really need you to enter your studies via the Study Submission Portal! The more studies entered, the more valuable the resource. And use the Resource Finder when you are starting a new study to connect to others doing similar work.

The NIDUS Hub team has done their very best to ensure the user experience will be positive.  It should only take 20 minutes or less to enter your study!  So give it a try… and send me an email to let me know about your experience.


Ed Marcantonio

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