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Delirium Research Hub Investigator Spotlight: Tanya Mailhot

Each month, the Delirium Research Hub selects an investigator and research study included in the Delirium Research Hub to feature as a Spotlight Investigator. This month, we are featuring Dr. Tanya Mailhot, PhD, RN for her study, “Evaluation of a Nurse Mentoring Intervention with Family Caregivers in the Management of Delirium (MENTOR_D)” which piloted a nursing intervention with family caregivers for delirium management following cardiac surgery.

Delirium Research Hub Spotlight: Tanya Mailhot, RN, PhD. Text reads: Study Name - Evaluation of a Nurse Mentoring Intervention with Family Caregivers in the Management of Delirium. Description - The inclusion of family members, as part of an intervention, presents an opportunity to develop individualized patient care; however, this has not been assessed in post-cardiac surgery intensive care unit where almost half of patients will present with delirium. This randomized pilot study seeks to assess the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary efficacy of a nursing intervention with family caregivers in delirium management following cardiac surgery (30 patient/family caregiver dyads randomized to usual care [n=14] or intervention [n=16]). The intervention included seven encounters spread over 3 days between an intervention nurse and the family caregiver. During a bedside visit, the family caregiver used delirium management strategies (e.g., reorientation of the delirious patient), as part of the intervention.  This intervention was found to be feasible, and the patients in the intervention group had better psycho-functional scores than patients in the control group.

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