Major Themes for 2018 NIDUS Pilot Grants Announced

Dr. Michael Avidan, Pilots Task Force Leader, at the 2018 American Delirium Society Annual Meeting.

The NIDUS Pilots and Innovation Task Force is accepting proposals for pilot grants focused on delirium research, due on November 7, 2018. The Pilots and Innovation Task Force has identified three major themes of special interest for the pilot grants below, each representing a research area likely to have broad impact on the field. However, proposals on any delirium topic are eligible and will be considered by the review committee.
2018 NIDUS Pilot Grant Major Themes:
  1. Interrelationship of delirium and dementia: Research that will provide greater insight to the relationship between delirium and dementia. A few potential examples, which are not exhaustive, include: identification of shared biological pathways, risk factors, improvements in delirium identification in patients with dementia, or development of prevention or management approaches for delirium in persons with dementia.
  2. Innovative studies to identify more effective prevention or treatment approaches for delirium: Proposals focused on development of new prevention or treatment strategies for delirium, especially multicomponent approaches. Please note that these pilots are intended as intervention development studies or clinical trial planning grants, not for the conduct of actual clinical trials.
  3. Elucidating delirium pathophysiology: Research that will shed light on underlying pathophysiology and biological mechanisms of delirium, biomarkers, and may involve animal models or basic laboratory approaches.
Detailed instructions for structuring and submitting NIDUS Pilot Grant Proposals are available here: 2018 Pilot Grant Information.
Proposals related to any delirium topic are eligible to apply and all submissions will be reviewed. Applicants from institutions both within and outside of the United States are eligible to apply. All applicants can expect to receive a summary of reviewer comments at the conclusion of the review process. Indirect costs are supported up to 63% (U.S. Institutions) or 8% (Foreign Institutions).
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