World Delirium Day – March 15, 2017

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The International Federation of Delirium Societies (I-Delirium) World Delirium Awareness Day – March 15, 2017
 The inaugural World Delirium Day aims to raise delirium awareness and inspire positive action among healthcare workers and the community to prevent, detect early and care for people with delirium, around the globe. This effort was launch by I-Delirium, the International Federation of Delirium Societies (American Delirium Society, European Delirium Society and Australasian Delirium Society). They suggest 3 steps you can take to be delirium aware on March 15:
Individually: Test your delirium knowledge by taking our brief challenge!
Locally: Take positive action in your local healthcare environment to get people thinking and talking about delirium.
GloballyConnect with other delirium knowledge champions at our website ( and on social media.
You can also follow NIDUS on Twitter (@nidus_delirium) to find out what we are doing to spread delirium awareness!

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