Investigator of the Month (January 2023): Kirsten Fiest, PhD

Kirsten Fiest, PhD

Kirsten Fiest, PhD

Dr. Kirsten Fiest is an Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine, Community Health Sciences & Psychiatry at the University of Calgary. She is also Director of Research and Innovation in the Department of Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Fiest received her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Calgary and completed post-doctoral training in neuro and psychiatric epidemiology from the University of Manitoba.

Her research program focuses on advancing the science of patient and family-centered critical care research. Her current work examines the role of family in preventing, detecting, and managing delirium in the critically ill. Dr. Fiest also teaches Introduction to Epidemiology in the Department of Community Health Sciences graduate program

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  1. Dear Dr Fiest,
    My name is Christina Aggar, I am leading a group of clinicians in Australia investigating the integration of carers as partners in the prevention of delirium. We have developed a number of resources to support carers and are currently trialing an interactive web-based Toolkit.

    I wonder if you would be interested in touching base to discuss our mutual interest.

    Kind regards
    Christina Aggar

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