Investigator of the Month (May 2024): Dr. James Rudolph

Dr. James Rudolph

Dr. James Rudolph

Dr. James Rudolph is a geriatrician and palliative care physician. He has a long track record of delirium research and collaboration. Dr. Rudolph is amazed that a short-term health event, like delirium, can have a profound impact on the course of people’s lives. Like most delirium experts, he ran alone in his institution. And he knew that running in a group improves any lasting impact.

Therefore, he founded the ultimate delirium running group, and became the inaugural President of the American Delirium Society. Dr. Rudolph served as host and co-race director of the 2011 and 2023 ADS meetings. Delirium is a serious world-wide problem and changes in care come slowly with increased awareness and sustained training.

So, Dr. Rudolph collaborated with colleagues around the world to launch World Delirium Awareness Day. In this community of Delirium professionals, Superheros can come together to celebrate their uniqueness, their collective delirium efforts, and build collaborative networks to broaden the number of lives impacted. Moreover, these communities are like a marathon finish line where the race is over. But the best stories are about the journey. Dr. Rudolph reduces his personal risk of delirium and its terrible sequelae by running far and fast at freakishly early hours.

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