2020 Boot Camp Lectures

Lectures recorded at the 2020 Delirium Boot Camp, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and virtually.

2020 NIDUS Delirium Boot Camp – Introduction, Dr. Donna Fick

Clinical Trials – Prevention/Treatment of Delirium, Dr. John Devlin (Slides available here)

Delirium in the ICU, Dr. E. Wesley Ely (Slides available here)

Family Caregivers Role in Delirium, Drs. T. Mailhot & D. D’Avolio (Slides available here)

Pathophysiology of Delirium, Dr. Pratik Pandharipande (Slides available soon)

Advice for Early Stage Investigators, Drs. L. Roberts and S. Zieman (Slides available here)

Predictive Modeling: Key Concepts, Dr. Thomas E. Travison (Slides available soon)

Development/Validation of Tools for Delirium Research, Dr. R. Jones (Slides available here)