2019 Boot Camp Lectures

2019 Delirium Boot Camp Videos and Lectures

Lectures recorded at the 2019 Delirium Boot Camp, Pennsylvania State University

Delirium: The Next Frontier – Dr. Sharon Inouye (Slides available here)

New Frontiers in Delirium – Dr. E. Wes Ely (Slides available here)

Measures of All Things – Dr. Rich Jones (Slides available here)

Methodological Issues in Grant Proposals – Dr. Thomas Travison (Slides available here)

Pathophysiology of Delirium – Dr. Pratik Pandharipande (Slides available here)

Assessing Delirium Using the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) – Dr. Edward Marcantonio (Slides available here)

Delirium Prevention and Treatment: Current Evidence Gaps – Dr. John Devlin (Slides available here)

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research: Expanding the Evidence Base – Dr. Marie Boltz (Slides available here)