Collaboration Communication Site

The Collaboration Communication Group was created to for a space for NIDUS participants to connect with each other, as a resource to seeking advice or peer collaborations from fellow delirium scientists.

NIDUS will moderate this group but is not able to provide resources or facilitate collaborations that arise.

Just to spur your ideas, below are some examples of potential uses of the Research Hub and the Communication Forum:

  • Identifying collaborators or mentors working on similar projects to join a research project or grant
  • Finding like-minded investigators interested in addressing methodologic issues in delirium research (e.g., identifying best measurement tools for a particular application; handling missing data; pragmatic trials)
  • Locating datasets with banked biospecimens and well-validated delirium measures—for multi-site collaboration, such as cross-replication of biomarker findings from two studies
  • Retrieving studies for meta-analyses or systematic reviews across clinical settings (e.g., perioperative delirium, delirium in ICU, palliative care, emergency department, stroke patients, etc.)
  • Discovering studies for harmonization of two or more different delirium measures (such as those involving similar study populations but using different delirium measures)
  • Searching for studies using similar delirium measures (e.g., all studies using DRS-R-98)
  • Finding prognostic studies for delirium—to better understand outcomes, across different populations