NIDUS II Investigators

NIDUS is led through the efforts of 8 co-investigators from 6 institutions throughout the United States. Each team member is an established researcher and/or clinician in the field of delirium research, who brings expertise from various fields including geriatrics, general medicine, anesthesiology, pharmacology, social work, epidemiology and statistics.

NIDUS Central

Sharon K. Inouye, MD, MPH

Multi Principal Investigator



Eva Schmitt, PhD


Measurement & Harmonization Core

Headshot of Richard N. JonesRichard N. Jones, ScD

Multi-PI, Leader, Measurement & Harmonization Core

Career Development & Outreach Core

Headshot of Jan Busby-WhiteheadJan Busby-Whitehead, MD

Leader, Career Development & Outreach Core



John Devlin, PharmD, BCCCP, MCCM, FCCP

Leader, Career Development & Outreach Core

Research Resource Core

Headshot of Edward MarcantonioEdward R. Marcantonio, MD, SM

Leader, Research Resource Core



Thomas G. Travison, PhD

Co-leader, Research Resource Core

Pilots & Exploratory Studies Core

Headshot of Michael AvidanMichael Avidan, MBBCh

Leader, Pilots & Exploratory Studies Core