NIDUS II Pilot Award Letters of Intent (LOI)

LOI Instructions and Collaboration Award Information

LOI Deadline: Monday, November 15, 2021, 5:00 PM EST

NIDUS II (Network for Investigation of Delirium: Unifying Scientists) Pilot Award Letters of Intent (LOI) are due November 15, 2021. See instructions below. As an exciting one-time incentive, NIDUS will award the principal investigator of ten letters of intent with a NIDUS Collaboration Award to support and encourage development of future collaboration. Ten awards $1,000 each will be awarded by December 30, 2021.

Note: Both US and International (non-US) investigators are eligible to apply.

2022 NIDUS Pilot Grant /LOI Priority Areas: The Letters of Intent and Pilot Grants must clearly focus on at least one of the 4 following research areas chosen to have broad impact on the field:

  1. Inter-Relationship of Delirium and AD/ADRD: studies on risk factors, pathophysiology, and treatment.
  2. Harmonization and refinement of delirium measurement tools.
  3. Biomarker and mechanistic studies to advance our understanding of the pathophysiology of delirium and to identify therapeutic targets.
  4. Clinical Trials–Intervention Development studies for future clinical trials, especially of delirium treatment.

Requirements for LOIs

  1. Must address NIDUS II priority areas and lay the groundwork for future collaborative paper and grant.
  2. Must utilize the NIDUS Cores and resources to accomplish the work.
  3. Must involve an interdisciplinary team of up to 5 investigators from multiple disciplines, across 2-3 institutions (max 3 subcontracts).
    1. Senior investigators that can give in-kind support are encouraged—may be from another institution (if does not require payment/subcontract)
  4. Preference for projects that include junior investigator(s).
  5. Roles of each investigator involved must be clearly identified and distinct.
  6. Investigators must be PhD, MD, or doctoral equivalent.
  7. US citizenship not required.

Formatting and Submission instructions

Please submit your LOI in PDF format as a single document. LOI’s should follow general NIH formatting guidelines (11 point Arial font, with 0.5 inch margins on all sides).

Cover sheet containing the following information

  1. Title of project
  2. Principal Investigator: name; institution/organization; contact information (email, phone number, mailing address)
  3. Collaborators (full names and their institutions/organizations)
  4. NIDUS II Priority area addressed by the LOI

Letter of Intent (One page maximum)

  1. Overview: Scientific Rationale and Innovation (200 words max)
  2. Specific Aims and Hypotheses (100 words max)
  3. Planned Approach: Brief Summary (150 words max)
  4. Significance: Include how this project would lead to a future large project and/or grant (100 words max)

Attachments (Only as follows; no other attachments accepted)

  • NIH Biosketch for Principal Investigator only [follow NIH guidelines:]
  • Description of Collaborative Team: (200 words max)
    • Describe each team member and their unique, distinct role on the project
  • Brief Budget Justification: (200 words max) for description of how the $40,000 grant will be used

Applications are due by Monday, November 15, 2021, 5:00pm ESTNo late or incomplete LOI accepted.

  • Email your application to the NIDUS Program Coordinator at
  • Please use the subject line “2022 NIDUS II Pilot Award Letter of Intent”