NIDUS Happy Hour 8-10-21

August 10, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

The goal of the NIDUS Happy Hours are to lead to collaborative working groups who will work together to design projects and to compete for the NIDUS II Pilot Awards.

During the collaborative happy hours we’ll:

  • Overview the NIDUS resources and how researchers can utilize them to accomplish their work,
  • Review requirements for NIDUS pilot proposals, and
  • Create a forum to enhance and launch new collaborations.

Benefits of joining the Happy Hours

  • Compete for NIDUS II Collaborative Awards (two awards this year!): one-page letters of intent are due 11/15/2021. Letters of intent may be submitted by single or multiple investigators
  • Move ahead to a pilot grant: Qualifying pre-applications (1 page letter of intent) will be eligible for—
    • Methods consultation to refine your pilot grant (up to 10 in Year 1)
    • Research Hub may help you find other investigators to launch your working group
    • Measurement Core may help you harmonize targeted measures
    • NIDUS II mentor to help guide the process (subject to availability)

Who should join?

Delirium researchers interested in learning about NIDUS, becoming a NIDUS pilot, and those interested in collaboration.

Each collaborative happy hour will follow the same format and allow time to connect with fellow researchers and discuss ways to collaborate. The sessions will be moderated by one of the NIDUS principal investigators. The mission is to seed collaborative research, which is beneficial to both or all parties. For your own benefit we advise on not sharing any unpublished data during these sessions.

Register here:

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