Complete a quick survey on delirium instrument use in your clinical research

Calling all delirium researchers: The NIDUS Measurement and Harmonization Core is seeking input on your preferences for use of delirium assessment tools in clinical research. Please help us by completing this quick survey!

The purpose of this survey is to gauge use and preferences information regarding the use of tools for assessing delirium in clinical research. This survey has six sections: Respondent information, Delirium Screening Instrument, Delirium Diagnostic Instrument, Delirium Severity Instrument, Ancillary Instrument use, and questions about your research. The estimated time for completion is less than 5 minutes.

Complete the survey hereNIDUS Measurement Instrument Use Survey

How will this information be used?

The Measurement and Harmonization Core will use this information to begin developing expert-panel recommendations for use of delirium screening, diagnosis and severity measures in a variety of clinical research settings as well as to assist with their data harmonization efforts for delirium measures. For more information, please contact NIDUS Measurement & Harmonization Core leader, Richard Jones, ScD: richard_jones[@]

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